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Your Home Decor close to Nature

Natural Elements: These are to furnish the house in an ecological way;

We learned it in elementary school: natural elements are those created by nature. When we talk about natural elements we immediately think of water, air, fire, and earth, but also mountains, rocks, rivers, seas, and everything that is present in nature. In the furniture sector, there is a tendency to include natural elements in our homes, perhaps thanks to the evolution of design and greenery. Today we are witnessing the return of love for natural structures. And so we find furnishing elements and accessories such as:

solid wood tables
stone cladding

furnishing accessories collected around: stones, shells, wooden twigs, and much more:

This trend is probably due to the growing awareness of how natural materials are a very important resource. It is a choice that boasts beneficial properties for the house itself and therefore also for those who live there. But also the green orientation that is becoming more and more space has contributed to the return of natural elements in the home as well as of do-it-yourself in general and creative recycling.

Natural Elements: which ones are for home decor:

Inserting natural elements into our homes is the healthiest thing we can give ourselves. Plants, wood, bamboo, stones, and nature enters our house and they calm us, they calm us, they relax us. Plants placed on wooden wall units decorate the living room and kitchen, and wood and stone decorate the coverings: walls and floors. The furnishings are not redundant, they do not exceed, on the contrary, they are becoming more and more minimal to create space. Also with regard to fabrics, priority is given to natural fabrics:

ècru for curtains

but also wool and cashmere for the blankets and rugs:

As for the furnishing accessories, we find, for example, a wooden table with seasonal fruits on it (in this period with the pumpkins in full view). But also particular objects and furniture made with materials such as Rafia, Midollino, and Rattan. And then the natural stones that help purify and rebalance the energy of the house. Bowls with shells collected from the sea, a bamboo plant with river stones, and a small fountain with natural stones for Zen-style houses. Even in the colors, there is a tendency to use shades that bring back to nature: green, beige, dove-gray, but also turquoise. In general soft or pastel colors.

Natural elements to furnish your home in an ecological way

Here are some tips for choosing as many natural elements as possible to furnish your home in an ecological way

Exploit and increase natural light:

Use large windows, glass doors, or skylights which also have the advantage of letting in the zenithal light, to get the most light during the day. If the window pattern and the view allow it, leave the windows free or choose curtains made of light, natural and light-colored fabrics. The idea behind the projects of Shigeru Ban, a contemporary Japanese architect, is similar.

Insert plants and flowers into the furniture
Pots and terrariums with flowers, mosses, and houseplants can be displayed on a console, on a windowsill, or even on a bench. In the same way, creating vertical gardens using wooden structures such as real stairs, can be a useful idea. Equally, go to "cover" dark or unused corners through copper pots with climbing plants.

Use colors that are inspired by nature:

Green, yellow, white, beige, brown, light blue, dove gray, and white are colors that bring back to nature. Choose them, where it is possible to change them frequently (blankets, pillow covers) depending on the current season. Currently, trendy shades that refer to nature are certainly dove gray but also sage green or sugar paper.

Cover the walls and floors with stone or wood:

Natural stones in the wall behind the bed or in the living room wall: these are elements that isolate and furnish as well as wood. Wooden planks as a floor, and a beautiful parquet, are perfect for a natural home. Also, in this case, opt for pastel and neutral colors, as well as create walls decorated with bricks or stones. These are ideas that will be able to give a touch of originality to your home, also taking advantage of decorative techniques such as decoupage.

Furnishing accessories in natural fibers:

Wicker, hemp, jute, and rattan can be used in furniture and decoration: baskets, lampshades, and rugs. The seasonal fruit in plain sight in the basket furnishes and brings back to nature as well as creating coffee tables, chairs, wicker vases or opting for wooden benches and furnishing accessories.

See also the story of Peter Zumthor, an exponent of contemporary architecture who loves natural elements

Natural elements and ecological houses:

One way to live in a home rich in natural elements is to choose an ecological home. In fact, ecological houses built according to sustainable architecture, such as the famous Tiny Houses or Micro Houses, are becoming increasingly popular. They are houses where the natural elements are the masters. The ecological house is an eco-sustainable construction, built with renewable materials, such as wooden houses, with a reduced environmental impact and designed to have maximum energy efficiency and to give maximum comfort and well-being to those who live there. Eco-sustainability starts from the procurement of raw materials to the methods of transport, to move on to the assembly of the various construction elements and the life phase of the house and its maintenance. In conclusion, choose natural elements for your home, take what nature gives you, and put it in the house. Your well-being will benefit.

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