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Omar Liles the founder of Agape Love Network has created a Singles and Couples ministry

Omar Liles' Singles and Couples Ministry - oThe purpose for it's existence is to help Christian men and women find a happy, mature, God-centered partner. 

Helping them learn to deal with things that are difficult and uncomfortable in a relationships. He has organized meet-ups and panel discussions designed to bring awareness about marriage and singleness. The network provides resources, support, encouragement, education and support for those who lost hope.

Omar Liles is also involved in Community Support Programs

He is a leading community volunteer and collaboration speaker, author, and podcaster. He is in involved with community support programs and raises concerns that are unique to singles and couples.

He is a certified as Dementia Practitioner with The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and a graduate of New York Divinity School with a Master of Religion and a graduate of New Skills Academy with certification in life and mental health coaching. He attended Light University with training in Mental Health Coaching.

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Official Page: Agape Love Network,LLC

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