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Italy country of arts, crafts & fashion

Italy of good singing, good living, good dressing. Italy has been home to a multitude of artists from time immemorial and this still continues today in its tradition. Let's find out who are the most loved Italian celebrities, actors, musicians, and bloggers in our country.

1. Chiara Ferragni:

Queen of social media, the first and most influential fashion blogger in history, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most loved Italian celebrities in the world. The young millionaire is divided between work commitments and affection. In fact, a few weeks ago she welcomed her first-born Leone together with her partner (and future husband Fedez).

2. Alessia Marcuzzi:

The very nice conductor with kilometric legs Alessia Marcuzzi is much loved by the Italian public. In addition to the various programs she conducts, the beautiful Alessia is a great fashion lover and shares style tips on her personal blog

3. Belen Rodriguez:

Argentina by birth, Italian by adoption, the beautiful Belen has been able to conquer many with her sympathy and her breathtaking curves. The show girl is very popular on social media, where she loves sharing sweet shots with her son Santiago

4. Claudio Marchisio:

The prince is very popular among football lovers and beyond. His elegance and physicality earned him the title of sexiest footballer. Hundreds of followers for the black and white who shares with them the moments of training and photos with the family.

5. Giulia De Lellis:

Very young and very aggressive, De Lellis is among the most loved Italian stars and followed by young people. Launched by men and women, where she managed to conquer her beautiful Andrea, today the girl is divided between worldly commitments and the work of influencers with record numbers.

6. Paola Turani:

From Bergamo, very tall and beautiful, Paola has made tens of thousands of fans fond of her to her Nadine, the Newfoundland puppy who follows her everywhere. Nice and easy-talking, she lets us enter her private life in her stories. Impossible not to love her!

7. Alessandro Borghese:

Worldly and fashionable chef, Alessandro Borghese conquered a large audience by taking him by the throat, but also to the sound of laughter. The handsome Roman chef always has a joke ready and has caused a massacre of hearts among the spectators of his numerous TV programs.

8. Pierfrancesco Favino:

He conquered everyone during the last San Remo festival and it's no wonder. Yes, because Pierfrancesco Favino, with his bewitching voice and dark and beautiful look, is one of the most talented and appreciative actors in Italian cinema.

9. Raoul Bova:

Considered a true Italian sex symbol, Raoul Bova is an actor much loved by the youngest and not only. His simple charm has certainly conquered his Rocio, known on the set of the film Immature, with which he has lived since 2013.

10. Jovanotti:

Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, is the eternal big boy of Italian music. Starting out as a rapper, the Tuscan singer now boasts millions of fans of all ages who fill the stadiums during the numerous concerts.

11. Monica Bellucci:

International artist, the beautiful Monica Bellucci is a symbol of Italian cinema in the world. Her success earned her a front row seat in the Olympus of the most beloved Italian actors of all time, as well as among the most beautiful women in the world.

12. Gianluca Vacchi:

An entrepreneur by profession, influencer by passion. Gianluca Vacchi is the Italian king of social networks: his instagram account is followed by more than 11 million users who can admire the wild life and the equally wild ballets of the first promoter of #GVlifestyle.

13. Barbara D’Urso:
Bursting and always over the top, Barbara D’Urso is now a home for many Italians who follow her in the afternoon for her program broadcast on Mediaset. His energy and his smile give a nice company that also warms through the small screen.

14. Fedez:

The most famous rapper in Italy has a large following of fans who support him during all his appearances in concerts and on social networks. The young musician shares everything with them, from great work successes, such as the tour with his friend J-Ax, to everyday life with Chiara Ferragni and little Leo.

15. Bianca Balti:

Muse of the Dolce and Gabbana brand, Bianca Balti is a very famous Italian top model in Italy and abroad. Her smile and timeless beauty have made her a beloved style icon in the fashion world and among ordinary people.

16. Luca Onestini:

Fresh from the last edition of Gf Vip, where he found love with his beautiful Ivana, Luca is one of the Italian celebrities launched by men and women. A dazzling smile, simplicity and disarming sympathy were the secret weapons that made him win the hearts of so many fans.

17. Maria de Filippis:

The queen of the Mediaset house is one of the Italian hosts par excellence. Loved by the public for her simplicity and elegance, Maria entered the homes of many spectators on tiptoe who feel her today as one of the family. Irreplaceable.

18. Michelle Hunziker:

Actress, presenter, model and mother. The very blonde Michelle, born in Switzerland but now Italian in all respects, always brings with her a breath of good humor. Will she have conquered her husband Tomaso Trussardi in this way? He certainly did it with the Italian public.

19. Vittoria Puccini:

Florentine by birth, model by training, actress by choice. The beautiful Vittoria made her debut on the small screen, but from there to the cinema it was a short step. Along with her career, public appreciation has also grown, earning her a place of honor among the most popular Italian actresses.

20. Checco Zalone:

Actually Luca Medici, but known to most as Checco Zalone. With a ready-made joke, the comedian is very popular in Italy among young people and not so much that he has earned two record-breaking films after a few years.

21. Alessandro Preziosi:

The charm of the beautiful and damned, Alessandro Preziosi enjoys a huge following among the public, especially in females one. A multifaceted actor, he skillfully juggles cinema, theater, and television, giving spectators characters such as the handsome Fabrizio of the famous fiction Elisa di Rivombrosa.

22. Alessandro Borghi:

The Roman actor has become one of the most popular and followed in Italy thanks to the TV series Suburra, a prequel to the film of the same name, produced by Netflix. The beautiful Alessandro has also starred in films, such as Ozpetek's latest work, Napoli Velata, which earned him a nomination for a David di Donatello.

23. Alessandro Cattelan:

EPCC has become a cult for the many Alessandro Cattelan fans. Famous faces of entertainment and sport alternate in his program and the young presenter proves to be a very skilled host. Absolutely not to be missed.

24. Elisabetta Canalis:

Former tissue, Elisabetta over the years has been able to enter the hearts of many admirers who continue to follow her. The beauty from Striscia now lives in the United States where she dedicates herself full time to being the mother of little Skyler.

25. Mario Balotelli:

Sports champion with a statuesque physique, SuperMario has a huge following not only at the stadium, but also on social networks. The young footballer loves to share his daily life, training and moments of tenderness with his children, the sweet Pia and little Leon.

26. Emma Marrone:

Winning exit from the talent "Amici", the provincial girl has made a real leap in quality. Oh yes, because Emma Marrone now has broad shoulders and churns out musical hits always at the top of the charts, very followed by die-hard fans of all ages.

27. Ilary Blasi:

Ms. Totti has come a long way since word of mouth. Having abandoned her letter clothes, Ilary is now one of the most beloved conductors in Italy, a mother of three beautiful children, as well as an icon of beauty and style.

28. Roberto Benigni:

Having entered everyone's heart with his film "Life is beautiful", Roberto Benigni is a symbol of Italian spirit in the world. The actor has a large following, both in the cinema and for his famous readings of the Divine Comedy, each time being sold out.

29. Leonardo Pieraccioni:

Toscanaccio doc, with an irrepressible and melancholy comedy, Leonardo has thousands of fans all over Italy. Recently landed on social media, he loves sharing everyday moments with his daughter Martina, giving his virtual audience hilarious fragments of their beautiful bond.

30. Sophia Loren:

Diva of other times who has given works of art such as La Ciociara to international cinema, Sophia Loren remains one of the most loved women in Italy and in the world. Loren continues today to give her audience important roles both in the cinema and in some television dramas.

31. Laura Pausini:

Emilian doc, Laura is loved not only in Italy, but also abroad. She became famous when she was very young by participating in San Remo with the song "La solitudine", over the years she has gathered more and more acclaim among young and old, becoming a full member of the big names in Italian music.

32. Sergio Castellitto:

Eclectic and extremely versatile, Sergio Castellitto is one of the best and most loved Italian actors ever. From the artistic and sentimental partnership with his wife Margaret Mazzantini some of his most beautiful interpretations were born in various films, including “Don't move” and “Come to the world”.

33. Gianluigi Buffon:

A record-breaking goalkeeper, Gigi Buffon has a special place in the hearts of sportsmen, both for those who wear black and white and for the fans of the national team. Buffon is also very popular outside the world of football, having taken part in some successful TV programs.

34. Federica Pellegrini:

Irreverent and a true champion of swimming, Federica has legions of fans who also follow her on her trips. During his competitions he brought various medals and some world records to Italy. Recently she has also been appreciated on the small screen by participating in various broadcasts.

35. Roberto Bolle:

Roberto Bolle embodies the myth of perfection. Statuesque physique, blue eyes and the charm of a prince charming, Bolle is the most famous Italian dancer in the world. With the success came also the popularity, which brought him hordes of admirers always ready to admire him in his shows.

36. Fiorello:

What world would it be without Fiorello? Certainly a sadder world. The Sicilian comedian entertains his numerous fans by sharing the daily (mis) adventures on social media, bringing a breath of unmissable joy.:

37. Fabio Rovazzi:

A juvenile phenomenon, Rovazzi made itself known to the public of young and very young people during the past summers with catchphrases such as “Let's go to command”. The success on the web has led to the hilarious Fabio legions of fans who follow him on his social networks.

38. Tiziano Ferro:
The chubby boy has now become a sex symbol among Italian singers. The "Black Evenings" seem to be over for the talented Tiziano who manages to give life to songs that can make new fans fall in love and confirm admirers who have been following him for decades.

39. Melissa Satta:

Melissa Satta made her television debut in 2004 as a valley alongside Teo Mammuccari. Over time, her friendliness and beauty have ensured her a large following among both male and female audiences. She currently enjoys the life of the mother of little Maddox, had by her husband Kevin-Prince Boateng.

40. Claudia Gerini:

The Romanaccia from Verdone's films is today a very successful actress and much loved by the public. In fact, Claudia Gerini has been able to find her place in the cinema scene by participating in various films, both for cinema and for television.

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