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If you are a Woman (Over 45), these Expert Fashion Opinions are for you

Appropriate clothing for a woman over 45, is there really a rule?

When a woman becomes an adult, according to some there is a need to put a stop to some clothing that is too "teenager" that could be inappropriate. Yet, beyond very few basic rules, there is very little to change.

It is a common and shared feeling that the 45 years of today have become the new 35. Enthusiasm, new projects, and desire to do, are the daily bread of your days, the salt of that second youth often put to the test by perimenopausal disorders. they do more and more frequently and annoyingly, creating embarrassment and a sense of inadequacy.

The energy that leads you to forget your age could make you fall into real style accidents! The same clothes you wore in high school will make you look ridiculous, they won't make you look younger. So not to the look of an eternal girl, but also to those that have an ancient flavor. Here we tell you how to dress after the age of 45 to feel comfortable in any situation and we provide you with a small handbook to avoid those "slips" that risk adding years to your appearance.

How to dress well after 45: 6 basic rules:

A woman after the age of 45 undoubtedly lives one of the most seductive ages: her tastes are refined by veering towards refinement and a greater level of awareness of her charm is reached. But to face it in the best way, you also need to find the right clothing.

It will be useful for you to follow some basic rules:

Even if they are on trend and you have nice legs to show off, ban shorts and miniskirts and go for medium-length (knee-length) models. This choice, not to be underestimated, will allow you to add femininity and elegance to your outfit.

It will be important to take into account different proportions: never wear loose or narrow things for both the top and the bottom. Alternate your oversized sweater with cigarette trousers, or, vice versa, wear a shaped jacket over wide trousers.

She eliminates garments with glitter, flashy lettering, and exaggerated designs unless it's a grand soirée model specially designed for a mature woman. Be careful on this point: the sequins are immediately dancing (and therefore over 50), if they are not really applied with parsimony and a stylist's hand.
Pay attention to nostalgia operations: if there is a dress in the closet that you haven't worn for years, have it sorted out or put it in the memory trunk.

Remember, in general, that "covering up is chic". When the neck and décolleté begin to show signs of sagging, fashion offers its allies. In winter choose turtleneck sweaters and turtlenecks, preferably soft models that do not mark but wrap the figure, in summer opt for a multi-layered outfit that plays on colors and fabrics. Start here to create your own style day after day.

Know and accept the body:

Knowing and accepting your body is the first very important step to enhancing its strengths and camouflaging its defects. Whether you are tall or short, slim or curvy, always remember that there are clothes made especially for you: just find the right models. Look in the mirror and choose the essential: the trick is to find the right compromise between elegance and fashion.

And every time you are undecided, you look at your wardrobe and are about to compose an outfit, ask yourself if that "outfit", those colors, and those combinations are suitable for that occasion. If you have to attend a special event, such as a wedding, you would never show up at a wedding in a suit or with an outfit that is too casual, right?

For the makeup? Here you will find some instructions to use your make-up in the right way:

(1): What to remove from the beauty case: aging makeup
(2): How to hide the signs of aging with makeup strokes
(3): 7 clothes to avoid dressing well

After 40, awareness and experience take over. Even in the choice of your clothing, you have become more demanding: you are looking for maximum comfort and you want to always feel at ease, at work and in your free time, without neglecting those details that make you special.

The wardrobe of a 45-year-old woman needs to respect some simple rules because the mirror can become your best ally if you know how to look at yourself with the right eyes!

So start avoiding some items of clothing:

No to jogging-style trousers: they are suitable for training in the gym but not for daily outings. They are also comfortable. better to opt for trousers that do not mark the body and allow you to feel at ease.

No extreme shorts for your skirts, even if you have a beautiful body. Showing off doesn't rhyme with sensuality and won't make you more intriguing. Goodbye to shorts too, choose knee-length Bermuda shorts if you really have to. A decidedly more chic solution could be the trouser skirt with a midi length, better if straight and with a high waist.

If you love crop tops, and sweaters that leave the navel uncovered, among the trends of recent years, it will be better to think again. Try to prefer blouses that play on transparency and let the skin glimpse in an elegant way. In short, avoid exposing a belly that is perhaps no longer so toned. And even if you have the tortoise marked ... believe it: it is not elegant at all!

No even t-shirts with giant and exaggerated maxi writings and logos, opt for minimalist and discreet sweaters. Worn over nice jeans they will make your casual look perfect for free time. Perfect solid color: you can buy a cheap stock of 100% cotton t-shirts in various colors to wear over jeans, especially if you are slim. On top of your taste and according to the occasion you can put on an elegant jacket, a cardigan, or a leather jacket. You will always be perfect.

Among the items to be banned are shirts with a flat and rounded collars. Better get rid of that clumsy and always a little uncomfortable schoolgirl look and wear a button-down shirt. It will give you a whole other allure.

Avoid the "bag" lines: one of the cuts from which to strictly keep away is the wide and completely straight one. The "old lady" effect is guaranteed! Remember the waistline should never be forgotten and must be carefully emphasized, whatever your build. And if wide cuts are an essential presence in your wardrobe, wear them with beautiful and particular belts. A very useful accessory, which will allow you to wear loose clothes with greater freshness.

Among the accessories to avoid after the age of 45, there is the medium-heel shoe, especially when paired with a midi skirt and flesh-colored stockings. Instead, it focuses on decisive heights and stiletto heels to accompany evening dresses, but also to give a touch of glam to office outfits, capable of giving personality to each outfit with a simple touch. If, on the other hand, you love practicality, choose flat shoes, such as moccasins or lace-ups with a masculine cut to complete your more informal outfits.

The evergreen and fashion outfits that are always ok:

Finally, it must be said that many women, after the age of 45, face a common problem: weight gain. Maintaining the figure is increasingly difficult and we tend to gain weight, especially during the years of perimenopause, but reversing the trend is possible by trying to follow a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

If sport and proper nutrition are not enough, try a natural supplement that can help improve menopausal disorders, from irritability and insomnia, as well as your mood, so everything will be easier. Also choosing the right dress. Female does not contain estrogen or phytoestrogens, has no side effects and above all does not affect calorie intake.

You will then agree that the greatest risk is to give in to the temptation of excesses which, as never before at this wonderful age, risk adding years to your look.

If it is true that “too classic” is not recommended, even looks with a too “teen” flavor can be risky!
There is nothing that ages like the contrast between an excessively young outfit and an appearance that is no longer very fresh. In short, avoid people saying about you “she wants to be a young woman at all costs! He does not realize the time that passes ”. Or worse: "From behind high school, from the front ... hospital!"

A dry no to excessive trends and too aggressive total looks. Go ahead instead for evergreen garments consecrated to fashion pillars, which from now on can no longer be missing in your wardrobe.

Sheath dresses, longuette skirts, blazers, and a soft jumpsuit (better if it covers the arms and enhances the waist with belts and draperies) will be among the essential items to wear on special occasions, such as weddings and galas. But also a casual alternative, if you no longer feel comfortable with denim garments.

The rules of mix and match
Fundamental indication: free yourself from the usual clichés, work with your imagination, applying the art of mix and match! In two words, mix different styles in the same outfit: combine different materials, shapes, and colors and give life to a unique and original look, which best reflects your personality.

You can apply the mix and match to any type of outfit, from the clothing you will show off at the beach to everyday clothing. There are three basic steps you will need to follow for a perfect result!

Basic heads:

Choose a neutral garment (a pair of trousers, a dress, a skirt) that you like, that fits you better, that you feel comfortable with, to which you can add more original and particular pieces

Leading leaders:

The second phase of the mix and match is to include top-of-the-line, eccentric, and particular items in your outfit, capable of giving a touch of originality and attracting the eye of the beholder. For example a top or a t-shirt. You will have to dare with grace on the colors and their combination, but also on the originality of the materials with different textures that you will choose to put together.


It is the last phase of your mix and match, but it is certainly not the least important. Jewelry, scarves and foulards, belts, shoes, bags, and all those little details that make the real difference. The rule is to choose accessories that match either basic or top-of-the-line garments, only in this way your style will be consistent and perfect!

Rediscover the classic, but take care to always give a light note to the whole with gritty combinations or accessories with a glamorous soul. For example, use slightly metallic fabrics, velvets, or original and gritty accessories, in this way not only will your look not add years to your appearance, but it will give you a cool and cheeky look just enough to make you look even younger!

Go ahead instead, to sheath midi skirts, as long as they are always accompanied by high heels. Ban everything that is too extreme, sexy, or aggressive from your wardrobe, in favor of iconic and transversal garments, but without letting yourself go to boredom. Only in this way will you be able to show off charm and good taste, adapting your style with the right awareness to your age, but also to the trends of the moment.

"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is your job to deserve the one you will have at fifty, "said Coco Chanel, a style icon of the twentieth century.

That is to say: the class has no age and never goes out of style. What is elegant is not abundance, nor redundancy, but rather the opposite. It is sobriety, it is giving up what is superfluous, it is awareness. After 45 and at all ages.

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