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Fibion ​​Health based groundbreaking innovations:

 The damage of a sedentary lifestyle: sitting is a threat to your health:

When you think about something that could harm your health, you probably don't think about sitting in your office chair. But according to many researchers, it is one of the biggest potential health threats (1).

sitting in the office You have surely heard the motto "Sitting is the new smoking", according to which the damages of sitting are comparable to those of smoking. Although some researchers believe this comparison is an exaggeration (2), our lives indeed force us to sit for many hours. This increases the risk of premature death and cardiovascular disease by 10-20%.

Research shows us that reducing the chances of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and back pain is possible, all with one simple lifestyle change: reducing the time you spend sitting.

Effectively analyze sitting and movement:

Fabian ​​is a product that analyzes sitting and moving time. It is extremely useful for those who want to improve their well-being and fitness level because it provides greater awareness of their lifestyle with objective data. It is accurate and easy to use and can also include personalized professional advice. It is therefore a great tool for motivating people to make permanent lifestyle changes.

The idea of ​​Fibion ​​was born from scientific research to provide a credible and easy-to-use analysis to measure sedentary lifestyle and daily activity to obtain an evidence-based impact on health.

The tool is mainly dedicated to fitness professionals but also fits perfectly into company wellness programs. It is possible to carry out simple individual or group analyses to discover, thanks to personalized advice, how to intervene to improve the well-being of employees.

The characteristics of Fibion:

In short, Fibion ​​is based on five groundbreaking innovations:

First of all, "the secret ingredients" are the advanced analysis algorithms to process the recorded data. Fibion's algorithms are based on scientific research and hundreds of articles.
Secondly, the results of the analyzes and their recommendations are displayed and presented in an understandable way.
Fibion ​​is the first analysis report of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle designed from the outset for feedback and professional consultation - even in groups.
Since the Fibion ​​Device is worn on the thigh (or in the pocket), it is able to analyze with great precision the different activities and their energy expenditure based on the movement of the thigh with almost perfect precision. Thus, the Fibion ​​analysis provides extremely accurate results with a measurement of even just one week.
Finally, Fibion ​​is easy to use. It has no buttons or settings. Starting a measurement with Fibion ​​takes less than a minute without collecting any basic information from the person.

Find out how to do a Fibion ​​analysis: contact us now!


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