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Saieen Zahoor (famous sufi folk singer) biography and reasons behind his death in London during concert

Sain Zahoor collapsed due to exhaustion during one of his performances in London. He was immediately shifted to the hospital. But he could not bear it and passed away from this life.

Saieen Zahoor is leading a Punjabi Sufi musician from Pakistan. He spends most of his time singing. He starts singing at the age of seven. For the first time, he studied music under Raunka Ali of Patiala Gharana, whom he met at Bullah Shah and who became his teacher for Sufi verses. Mostly, he sings compositions of major Sufi poets. He is famous for his performance. His upcoming projects are in Australia and New Zealand in October.

For most of his life, he performed in festivals. He adopted folk instruments in stringed versions. His typical outfits include embroidered, beads, and tightly bonded turbo. In 1989, he performed on a concert stage first time, which brought him into musical prominence. He also gave a concert in the UK. Sufi is focused on poetry with themes of devotional love and multi-cultural Islam. Zahoor released an album titled Awazay through Mateela records. His songs Toomba sign, Allah Hoo, Nachna painda hai, Tere Ishq Nachaya. His music has been used in the following films West in west, Mirzya.

Saieen Zahoor is the most popular singer in the coke studio. There are many skilled singers but no one came close to being as influential as Saieen Zahoor in my world of folk music. He left his home at the age of 10 in search of the divine and spends most of his time going from one shine to another. He was born in Ojara in the province of Pakistan. In 1989, he was invited to all Pakistan Music Conferences to give his first ever performance on a concert stage and by all accounts, he transported 2000 audience members present to heights of emotion that were deemed almost dangerously intense. 

His piercing chiseled features are a regular sight on Pakistan TV and have been the subject of at least one documentary. He goes for a tour of the world often, accompanied by harmonium and dholak drum side players, wreaking the same blissful havoc on devotees and newcomers alike. His fans see and hear Saieen Zahoor in full flow in the closest anyone alive. It's a musical spell that is well universally affectiveSaieen Zahoor is one of the Legend talents that came out of Pakistan. His story is both unique and inspiring. He would sing at the shrines of Sufis where he started singing at the age of seven. Saieen Zahoor has given countless hits which are evergreen and will remain in our hearts. 

His Allah Hoo song is still ringing in everyone's years after all these years. Saieen Zahoor was performing at a concert in London a week when he passed out suddenly. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment of diagnosis. The doctor said that it was probably due to fatigue and he was under observation. According to the latest reports, he is stable but has not gained consciousness yet. A Further -checkup is also being done for now.

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