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Has Facebook done anything to maintain its trust?

In the 21st century, Facebook, one of the largest broker companies in the world, has been accused of sharing the personal information of its users with its multi-billion-rupee advertising clients and taking money in return.

According to a report in the Indian Times, Facebook, one of the most powerful data brokers of the 21st century, has been accused of sharing the personal information of its users with its multi-billion-rupee advertising clients and taking money from them in return. became the headline. Which can cause a big disaster. Recently, Facebook published a personal chat about a (Nebraska) woman and her teenage daughter having an abortion at home. Regarding which the police were investigating the mother and daughter.

On the contrary, where Facebook is not taking care of the privacy of its millions of users, more than 80,000 people have discussed business with each other through Facebook. Which is a positive business activity.

Facebook is famous for its meta-platforms and recently published a chatbot on its official website. So that any American person can get information on any subject from the chatbot on the web page, but the public reaction was very sarcastic. Which is an argument that people are very angry with Facebook for giving their personal data to advertising companies. On the contrary, Facebook has already informed about its technology and data protection process. These are the technical rules and regulations from which other major technical farms can benefit more.

Apart from this, Facebook had been researching its artificial intelligence for many years. They created a digital assistant called (M) that worked almost like Apple Inc, Siri, Amazon, and Alexa. The artificial intelligence system found in it was built to a very high standard. Soon after the launch of this device, a large market was seen.

Difficulties arose when it started making anti-Semitic comments within hours of its release and also featured comments against US President Donald Trump. On which Facebook and the technology press had to face a lot of embarrassment at the global level. After which Facebook's research team started to research again.

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